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  • 'Closer to Home' campaign - video and case study

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    Want to know more about the Dr. R.E.M Lee Foundation Closer to Home campaign? And why a Tier 3 level birthing unit at the new hospital in Terrace is so important for mothers, babies and all residents of Northwest BC?

    Watch the Closer to Home Video

    Read the Closer to Home Case for Support

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  • Staff, physicians and specialists needed!

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    Join the team at the new hospital

    Download the Mills Memorial Hospital Employment flyer.

    Job opportunities at the new hospital include

    • Care Aide
    • Diagnostics Imaging Technologist
    • Dietitian
    • Facility and Maintenance workers
    • Food Services woker
    • Health Information Professional
    • Housekeeper
    • Imaging Technician
    • Indigenous Patient Health Assistant
    • Licensed Practical Nurse
    • Medical Laboratory Clerk & Technologist
    • Medical Office Assistant
    • Mental Health Clinician & Staff
    • Nurse Unit Clerk
    • Occupational & Physio Therapist
    • Patient Reception Staff
    • Pharmacist & Pharmacy Staff
    • Physician
    • Registered Nurse
    • Respiratory Therapist
    • Social Worker
    • Stores Attendant

    In addition to family practitioners contracted to work at the hospital, various specialists will also be needed for the new hospital, such as:

    • Orthopedic surgeon
    • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist
    • Psychiatrist
    • Urologist
    • Anesthetist
    • Gynecologist
    • Pediatrician

    Recruitment underway

    Recruitment has already begun for new staff and physicians to work at the new hospital. Unfortunately, staffing shortages for medical and support positions are a current reality for all of BC and Canada; there’s simply not enough trained health professionals to fill all the positions and needs. Our aim is to work closely with our partners and be creative in our recruitment efforts.

    For more information about staff positions at the new hospital, contact:

    For more information about physician and specialist positions, contact:

    New facility is appealing to work at

    Thankfully, the chance to work at a new facility is a major draw for potential hires. The new hospital will have a variety of amenities, just for staff and physicians working there, such as:

    • Wellness and exercise area
    • Changerooms, showers and lockers
    • Lounge with kitchen, comfortable seating, TVs and work computer stations
    • Breastfeeding and pump room
    • Secure, outdoor storage locker for bikes
    • Staff garden

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  • Planning for patient care at the new hospital

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    The construction and design of the new hospital and Seven Sisters are still an important focus of the Mills Memorial Replacement project. However, we are also ramping up planning and work around patient care and operations at the new facilities.

    Staffing and recruitment plans underway

    We are currently working to determine the exact staffing levels that will be needed for both new facilities. With an increase in services, a significant increase in the number of staff in various positions will be necessary. Staffing plans must consider many factors, including who to hire, and how to balance the duties and workloads of different staff in different departments.

    Anne Chisholm, Transition CoordinatorTransition Coordinator hired

    Getting the facility ready for patient use includes preparing physical space, equipment, and technology. But people need to be ready too. New space and technology mean new ways of working for staff, physicians, and managers who need to be supported with training and development to provide care and service with the new workflows, new equipment and new technologies. Patients and families and the broader community will also need to be supported to get to know the new hospital.

    Anne Chisholm has joined the project to help coordinate and support staff, physicians, and managers to become ready to provide care, services and supports in the new hospital and Seven Sisters. She has over 35 years of experience in health care, first as a staff nurse followed by many years of management and leadership work in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. Two of her recent projects include the establishment of the Primary Care Medical Unit at UHNBC and the Urgent Care Centre in Prince George. Anne is excited by challenges and successes that come with working collaboratively to solve problems. She will quickly become a familiar face around the hospital. Say hello when you see her!

    More supports

    • A Recruitment and Retention Ambassador position specifically for Northwest BC has been created. The role will play a big part in recruitment efforts for the new facilities in Terrace.
    • A Physician Lead position, who will help with the transition and recruitment of physicians for the new facilities, is in development.
    • A company that specializes in healthcare facility transitions will support the physical move from the current hospital to the new one.

    More info

    For a list of potential employment opportunities read the post: FAQ: How many new staff will you hire?

    Job listings and more info about working for Northern Health can be found at:

  • Highlight: New ambulance garage

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    Patients arriving at the new Mills Memorial Hospital by ambulance can expect a more comfortable and private experience as a result of a new, fully-enclosed, drive-through ambulance garage.

    The new ambulance garage is on the northeast corner of the main floor of the new hospital, near Keith Avenue.

    At the current hospital, ambulances back into the emergency department lot behind the hospital. Patients are then transported out of the back of the ambulance, through the elements, through the main emergency entrance.

    With the new garage, which has two bays, patients will be transferred in a fully-enclosed, temperature-regulated space. Once the ambulance pulls into the garage, the doors will shut to protect patients and staff from the outdoors and weather, which can be extreme at different at times in Terrace. Patients will then be transported directly into the emergency department, far away from the main emergency entrance.

    The new garage was designed to meet industry standards in consultation with BC Emergency Health Services, which oversees the BC Ambulance Service.

    Ambulance parking area, behind the hospital next to the Emergency Department, at the current hospital.

    View of ambulance entrance from inside current Mills Memorial Hospital.

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  • FAQ: What detox services will be available at the new hospital?

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    We understand people are looking for support when it comes to problematic substance use in the area, and Terrace does not currently have a dedicated treatment centre. However, this is not part of the MMH replacement project.

    Hospitals mainly focus on acute care, which is care for short-term needs. A treatment centre does not fit into this environment.

    Northern Health, however, and many other organizations including non-profits and community groups, do play a part in supporting those with substance use and mental health issues in Terrace and surrounding communities. Some groups, with Northern Health’s support, are taking steps to set up a local treatment centre.

    At Mills Memorial Hospital, two in-patient treatment beds are prioritized for the medical management of withdrawal from alcohol. Two beds will be prioritized for this in the new hospital too. Patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms or who have overdosed can also access acute care at the Mills Memorial Hospital – now and at the new one.

    If any patients who receive care at the hospital request information and access to harm reduction and treatment programs, staff will provide them with information and support individuals to access services.

    People who are experiencing problematic substance use may also have concurrent mental health disorders. In some circumstances, if a person requires further stabilization and support for the treatment of an acute mental health presentation, following medical stabilization, admission to the acute psychiatry unit in Mills Memorial Hospital may be necessary for further assessment, consultation, and treatment.

    Currently the hospital has 10 acute psychiatric inpatient adult beds that serve Northwest BC. The new hospital will have 20 psychiatric inpatient adult beds.

    The current Seven Sisters facility has 20 beds. The new Seven Sisters will have 25 beds.

    Recovery is a very personal journey and can look different for each person. A variety of supports and services are available in the area to support people experiencing problematic substance use. Northern Health teams focus on supporting people wherever they are at in their wellness journey.

  • Pediatrics move out of Sleeping Beauty

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    The Terrace Pediatric Clinic has temporarily moved from the Sleeping Beauty Pediatric Clinic to the third floor of the Park Avenue Medical Clinic.

    As construction of a new, state-of-the-art facility progresses, the Sleeping Beauty Medical Clinic, located behind Mills Memorial Hospital, will need to be demolished to make way for the new hospital.

    In the meantime, PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc, the contractor set to build the new hospital, will use Sleeping Beauty as a temporary on-site, office location.

    The new permanent location for the Terrace Pediatric Clinic will not be on the hospital grounds. However, it will be adjacent to the property in a newly leased space in the Keith Avenue Mall. The Park Avenue clinic location is only temporary while the Keith Avenue space is being designed and renovated for the Terrace Pediatric Clinic.

    The Terrace Pediatric Clinic provides primary care services for children, from birth to their seventeenth birthday. The Clinic offers comprehensive, up-to-date, quality care, for a variety of medical, developmental, and mental health problems. It is a consultative service based on a referral from a family physician.

    Acute care services for children ¬– for example, emergency treatment and surgeries ¬– will continue to be offered at the hospital.

    While there may be some changes to how patients access services throughout the construction of a new hospital, Northern Health is planning ahead and aims to keep all services as accessible as possible to patients during this time.