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  • Interested in work and/or contract opportunities?

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    Many residents and businesses have been asking about employment and contract opportunities related to the Mills Memorial Hospital project. PCL Westcoast Constructors Inc (PCL) is responsible for all employment and contracting related to the construction of the new hospital.


    Anyone interested in working on the project can submit a resume to PCL through

    PCL, through their subcontractors has, and will continue to, advertise employment opportunities on and in various platforms such as Linkedin, Kijiji, and regional newspapers.

    The project is dedicated to employing as many locals as possible and has already hired a number of local equipment operators, tradesmen and labourers. They have also been reaching out to local and regional First Nations, to meet with employment and training departments, as well as the trades department at the college.


    Since before construction began, PCL has been reaching out to local and regional companies to explore the possibility of working together.

    Throughout the project, PCL will share contract opportunities as they come up - for example, by advertising in the regional newspaper, or contacting potential local and regional suppliers directly.

    Businesses interested in working on the Mills Memorial Project site are encouraged to contact PCL with information about services they could offer. Email PCL at

    Still not sure what to do?

    Email and we’ll put you in the right direction.

  • Final stages of procurement

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    Working towards a Design Build Agreement

    The MMH Replacement project is in the last stage of the procurement process. The procurement process started in May 2019 when the BC Government announced the approval of the business plan for Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project. Since then, we've worked through the following phases of the procurement process.

    1. Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
      • Resulted in only one qualified bidder

    2. Modified Request for Proposals (RFP)
      • Design and financial negotiations happen in parallel
      • Significant oversight from the Province and the Project Board, which consists of senior executives from the Ministry of Health, health authority representatives and other stakeholders.

    3. Project Board Final Approval

    4. Financial Close => Design Build Agreement (We are here!)

    The final proponent will be formally announced and construction will begin when the Request for Proposals process is closed and fulfilled, and a final Design Build Agreement (DBA) is signed.

    Capital Projects Take Time

    A major capital project is a large undertaking that takes a series of planning steps to ensure the facility is:

    • designed appropriately;
    • tendered and constructed for the best value;
    • scheduled properly to ensure the continuity of health care at the existing hospital is maintained during the construction period.

    Hospitals are highly complex facilities with many interconnected systems, services and equipment. It’s in our best interest to work through the project thoroughly to ensure that we get the facility we need, in accordance with the financial scope the government has set.

  • Procurement process continues

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    Request for Proposal Process Continues

    The Mills Memorial Hospital (MMH) project team continues to work through the modified Request for Proposal (RFP) process with a qualified bidder (the proponent). While a design build agreement is not yet in place, we continue to collaborate to move the project forward and in anticipation of a successful outcome.

    New Project Office

    A new MMH Replacement project office has been established on the second floor of the current hospital, and the project team has expanded to 11 members. Some of the team members work full-time on the project, while others also have other responsibilities.

    User Group Meetings

    Over the last year, several rounds of meetings have taken place between the proponent, MMH project team members, and facility user groups. The most recent meetings took place during the last two weeks of November 2020 and another round will take place in February 2021. These meetings are essential for the bidder to be able to draft a basic design and move through the RFP process that leads to a final agreement.

    These meetings are focused on clinical design. In the meetings, physicians and staff advise on essential and standard operational and clinical design elements, and raise concerns and offer suggestions based on best practices.

    It’s important to note that nothing at this stage of design is complete. Significant input still is and will be required for the final facility design.

    Communications & Engagement

    In September 2020, Northern Health’s Indigenous Health department contracted an Indigenous Engagement consultant to advise to help guide Indigenous engagement related to the Mills Memorial Hospital and future Northern Health capital projects. The MMH project team is working closely with Indigenous Health and the consultant to ensure proper and respectful engagement.

    In anticipation of a final agreement, the Project Team is busy planning and updating our communications and engagement plan. As a result of Covid-19 and restrictions on gatherings, we must be especially creative in our techniques, and take many activities online.

    After a proponent is announced, the Project Team will initiate public engagement. This includes sharing more detailed information, as well as seeking commentary and feedback from Indigenous partners, stakeholders and the community at large.

    Stay Tuned!

    We are pleased with the progress of the MMH project and RFP process to date. However, to maintain competitiveness in the process, we cannot provide further details until a successful proponent is announced.

  • Mills project continues through final stages of RFP

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    July 2020

    The procurement phase of the Mills Memorial Hospital (MMH) replacement project continues to be on-schedule.

    Project Management is continuing to work through the modified Request for Proposals (RFP) process with a qualified bidder, and the final proponent will be formally announced when the RFP process is closed and fulfilled. In this portion of the process, the bidder has been meeting with facility user groups to ensure a draft design that can meet clinical needs, based in large part on best practices and input from the physicians, nurses, clinicians and many allied workers that use the facility to fulfill health care needs every day. If the design that results from this phase is approved, it will not be a complete and final work – input will still be required for many aspects of the final facility design to met and respect the cultural and healthcare needs of the public, specifically respecting local communities.

    After a proponent is announced, the Project management Office will initiate public engagement work, including more detailed information-sharing along with advisory sought for the next stages in design planning.

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