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  • Happy one year anniversary!

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    Staff and physicians at Mills Memorial Hospital were treated to cake on Wednesday, June 22, to celebrate one year of construction of the new hospital. The construction site was also unusually quiet over the lunch hour, as PCL treated workers on site to a catered meal from the popular Terrace food truck Redneck Kitchen, for the anniversary.

    One of four cakes celebrating one year of project construction.

    Longtime Northern Health employee Patrick Sharyk enjoys a slice.

    Administrative Assistant Nicole Demedeiros serves a piece of the action to cafeteria worker Lora Gogag.

    Workers on the new Mills Memorial Hospital construction site take a break to enjoy a free catered lunch, courtesy of PCL, celebrating one year of construction .

  • First concrete pour means construction has begun!

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    The first concrete pour happened on Monday, July 12 marking a milestone event on the Mills Memorial hospital site - construction of the new hospital has begun!

    To date, much of the work on site has been preparing for construction. That includes clearing the land, installing fences and other safety precautions, bringing in equipment, and digging the foundation.

  • It's official! We are building a new hospital!

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    After years of planning and anticipation, construction of the new Mills Memorial Hospital replacement project and the new Seven Sisters facility is underway. Today, we celebrated virtually - on Zoom - the start of construction with the Ministry of Health.

    Some staff gathered in the cafeteria at the current Mills Memorial Hospital to celebrate the long-awaited news and watch the Zoom celebration together. We ordered special cupcakes and delivered them to all Northern Health staff in Terrace.

    The new Mills Memorial Hospital will be a significant investment in the community and region. At $622.6 million, it represents the largest capital investment in Northern Health’s history.

    Read: BC Gov News Release | Construction starts on new Mills Memorial Hospital

    Watch: Construction start celebration video with Minister of Health

  • Mills Memorial Replacement project approved

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    May 2019

    On May 21, 2019 the Business Plan for the Mills memorial Hospital replacement project was approved by the Treasury Board and announced by the Ministry of Health. The Northern Health Capital Projects team is now moving quickly to move the project forward and start the exciting work of procurement, and ultimately construction.

    These next steps are integral to the process of replacing the hospital. The Procurement phase will be led by a project director, leading a planning team who reports to the Project Board (members from Ministry of Health, Northern Health and other stakeholders). The project Board is accountable to the Ministry of Health to ensure the project is implemented following the government-approved business plan and government capital asset management policies.

    The project procurement process involves a series of consecutive pieces of work to identify the contractor to build the facility – this series includes a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), followed by a Request for Proposals (RFP), followed by the identification of Preferred Proponent, Final Approval & Financial Close.

    The procurement phase can last up to 18 months; however, once completed, construction typically begins quickly.

    Replacing Mills memorial Hospital will be staged, to ensure that the transition is ultimately focused on ease for patients and staff at every point of care. The first stage will involve the replacement of the Seven Sisters facility, which will be rebuilt in the area beside the current psychiatric services area. This work will commence in early Fall, 2019 after the RFP has been completed.

    Photo Minister of Health, Honourable Adrian Dix, announces to a happy crowd that a new hospital will be built in Terrace.