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  • Alert! Workers on site later than usual today

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    Workers may be on site later than usual today completing a concrete pour.

    Wet weather conditions have unfortunately caused a slight delay in completing concrete work underway. Workers will aim to finish as soon as possible, but may need to be on site later than 7pm.

    While the work itself is not that noisy, the lights will remain on until the work is complete.

  • Basement foundations in place

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    Foundations for the basement for the new Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace are now in place. Take a look at the time-lapse video at the link below to see how quickly things are moving. More time lapse videos and photos of the site are available at the MMH construction cam link.

    June to October 2021 Time Lapse Video:

    Construction workers pour and smooth concrete for the basement floor of the new hospital.

  • Eby/Haugland intersection reopening today

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    The Eby/Haugland intersection will be open by the end of today, Tuesday, October 25.

    After the intersection reopens, it will still need to be paved. The contractor aims to pave it sometime in the first two weeks of November, depending on the availability of local paving companies which are quite busy.

    Another section of Haugland Avenue, just west of the main hospital entrance, also still needs to be paved. Water tie-ins for this section are not yet complete, and it’s still unknown when this section will be paved.

    We will continue to post updates about road work related to the construction of the new Mills Memorial Hospital as more information becomes available.

  • Alert! Eby/Haugland intersection to be closed

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    October 19, 2021 Update
    Work took a little longer than planned but the intersection is expected to reopen at the end of this coming weekend.


    As of Tuesday, September 21, the intersection of Haugland Avenue and Eby Street will be closed for approximately three weeks, as the recently upgraded Mills Memorial hospital storm system is tied into the city’s water system.

    While some roads in the area will be closed, all traffic will be coordinated through detours and local residents will be able to access their properties.

    Visitors to the hospital are encouraged to use Tetrault Street to access the hospital while this work is underway. For those using public transportation, the Haugland Avenue bus stop, in front of the hospital, will be temporarily relocated approximately two blocks east on, towards Walmart.

    Work hours will be approximately 7am to 7pm, seven days a week.

    Please follow all signage and obey traffic personnel.

    We apologize for any inconvenience in advance but upgrading the storm and water drainage systems in the area is necessary as part of the construction of a new hospital.

    Any schedule changes will be posted on Let's Talk MMH.

  • MMH Construction Cam is online!

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    An MMH construction cam is now available to the public!

    That means any day, any time, you can see where construction of the new hospital is at.

    On the construction cam link you zoom around the site, view past photos, and compare photos of different days. You can also view and download time lapse videos.

    The link has views and photos, from two video cameras mounted on the roof of the current hospital. One view faces north, overlooking the tower cranes and construction of the new hospital. The other view faces west, overlooking the future site of the new Seven Sisters facility.

    The cameras takes photos every fifteen minutes.

    Check the MMH construction cam. Play around!

  • Alert! Upcoming road work near hospital

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    More road work, related to the construction of the new Mills Memorial Hospital, is coming down the pipe.

    Last month, upgrades were made to the storm and water system under Haugland Avenue west of the hospital’s main entrance towards Eby Street.

    In addition, a secondary water main, under Tetrault Street needs to be installed. This should take about three days during which a section of Tetrault Avenue near Keith Avenue, will be closed.

    Residents will still be able to access the businesses on the corner of Keith and Tetrault. However, drivers won’t be able to drive through Tetrault from Keith Avenue, or onto Keith Avenue.

    The work on Tetrault work should begin Saturday, August 28, and will take approximately 3 days.

    Similar to when upgrades were made under Haugland Avenue, a section of Tetrault, after the initial upgrades are made, will remain a gravel surface. That section will be paved after the contractor can do the final connection to the water main based on approved tie in procedures.

    PCL is working closely with the City of Terrace and its permitting approval process while planning and completing this work. Plans are in place to mitigate neighbourhood and community impacts including managing dust and traffic disruptions.

    Water system upgrades on Haugland avenue are almost complete.

    Paving the section of Haugland Avenue near Eby.

  • Attaching tower crane's jib to its mast

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    Workers, strapped in for safety, wait for the jib to be lifted into place.

    Mobile crane lifts jib into the correct position of the tower crane's mast.

    Workers place the jib.

  • Interested in work and/or contract opportunities?

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    Many residents and businesses have been asking about employment and contract opportunities related to the Mills Memorial Hospital project. PCL Westcoast Constructors Inc (PCL) is responsible for all employment and contracting related to the construction of the new hospital.


    Anyone interested in working on the project can submit a resume to PCL through

    PCL, through their subcontractors has, and will continue to, advertise employment opportunities on and in various platforms such as Linkedin, Kijiji, and regional newspapers.

    The project is dedicated to employing as many locals as possible and has already hired a number of local equipment operators, tradesmen and labourers. They have also been reaching out to local and regional First Nations, to meet with employment and training departments, as well as the trades department at the college.


    Since before construction began, PCL has been reaching out to local and regional companies to explore the possibility of working together.

    Throughout the project, PCL will share contract opportunities as they come up - for example, by advertising in the regional newspaper, or contacting potential local and regional suppliers directly.

    Businesses interested in working on the Mills Memorial Project site are encouraged to contact PCL with information about services they could offer. Email PCL at

    Still not sure what to do?

    Email and we’ll put you in the right direction.

  • What's that in the sky?

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    The tower cranes at the MMH construction site can be seen throughout the community.

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No. It’s two tower cranes!

    In the next couple weeks, two 160-foot tower cranes will be erected at the Mills Memorial Hospital site and remain on site – and in the Terrace skyline – for approximately 18 months. To put the height of the cranes into perspective, 160 feet is approximately 50 metres, which is the length of three and half semitrailers in a row.

    Tower cranes are made up of a vertical tower (the mast) and an outstretched jib (the working arm). They are used on major construction sites to lift and move heavy equipment and materials.

    It will take about four days to assemble and erect the two cranes, which will be permanently attached to concrete bases, which were built over the last month in anticipation of the cranes’ arrival.

    The mobile crane, which has been on site for several weeks, will be used to assist in the set up of the tower cranes.

    All the cranes will only work within the perimeter of the construction site. The tower cranes will be located in what will be the interior of the new building and the jibs won’t be able to reach outside of the property limits.Start of tower crane erection on August 4, 2021.

  • Smooth progress

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    The Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project is progressing smoothly. Two major activities on the go right now include upgrades to the storm and water system on Haugland Avenue, near Eby Street and a large concrete pour with two pumps working on site today, Monday, July 26.

    Double pumping concrete action.