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  • FAQ: Will parking be free?

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    Yes! Parking at the hospital will continue to be free.

    In other good news, parking is doubling, increasing from approximately 150 to 300 spots.

    Adequate parking for patients, visitors and staff is an issue at the current hospital and an important part of the new build.

    A significant number of the parking spots at the new facility will be where the existing hospital now stands. For this reason, parking for the entire project won't be complete until the middle of 2026. It can only be completed after the new hospital is already in operations and the current facility has been removed. Northern Health is working on finding solutions for parking in the interim.

  • FAQ: Why was a Tier 3 level NICU not in the original hospital plans?

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    The Tier 3 NICU and special care nursery are part of the birthing unit on Level 3.Mills Memorial Hospital currently provides maternal/fetal and neonatal services at the Tier 2 level.

    No Tier 3 service site currently exists in Northern Health’s Northwest Service Delivery Area, and patients are often transferred to UHNBC (Tier 4) in Prince George or BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital (Tier 6) in the Lower Mainland.

    Tiers of Service guidelines were revised just recently (January 2020), after the MMH Replacement project business plan was approved and design began (May 2019), which means a Tier 3 level of service was not included in the project’s original business plan, nor current design or budget.

    The demand for perinatal and neonatal services in Northwest BC is expected to meet Tier 3 service level, however.

    For reference, Perinatal BC’s Tiers of Service provide parameters around maternal/fetal care and newborn care services. The designation tier level depends on the services available at a facility.

    More info here:

    The primary drivers for the decision to pursue a Tier 3 designation are the nature and number of births, as well as local service considerations.

    Support this important addition!

    The Dr. R.E.M. Lee Hospital Foundation is a volunteer organization that raises funds in support of Mills Memorial Hospital and Terraceview Lodge in Terrace. On June 3, the Foundation announced the 'Closer to Home' campaign, which is aimed at raising money to cover the cost of the Tier 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery at the new Mills Memorial Hospital.

    Donate to the R.E.M Lee Foundation's 'Closer to Home' campaign by calling (250) 641-5526 or online at

    Help support new mothers and babies in Northwest BC who need care 'Closer to Home'.

  • FAQ: What spaces will be available for families to visit and gather?

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    The new facility has been designed with all types of patients and visitors in mind, including patients with large extended families, and patients with no family.

    All rooms in the new hospital will be private and allow families to gather comfortably and privately. Each room has its own bathroom and window, as well as visitor seating.

    Several other spaces have also been placed throughout the facility. For example, family rooms, quiet rooms, and the TV lounge. This lets patients have places to go with their visitors other than their room. It also allows patients who may get lonely to have places to go and be around others.

    The spiritual space on the first floor is also available for families to gather. The space has a large gathering room, as well as a small gathering room, a storage area, and a kitchenette. It also has technology in the larger room so that family members can join those in the room virtually.

    Outside, several gardens with seating are also planned throughout the site.