What's that in the sky?

The tower cranes at the MMH construction site can be seen throughout the community.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No. It’s two tower cranes!

In the next couple weeks, two 160-foot tower cranes will be erected at the Mills Memorial Hospital site and remain on site – and in the Terrace skyline – for approximately 18 months. To put the height of the cranes into perspective, 160 feet is approximately 50 metres, which is the length of three and half semitrailers in a row.

Tower cranes are made up of a vertical tower (the mast) and an outstretched jib (the working arm). They are used on major construction sites to lift and move heavy equipment and materials.

It will take about four days to assemble and erect the two cranes, which will be permanently attached to concrete bases, which were built over the last month in anticipation of the cranes’ arrival.

The mobile crane, which has been on site for several weeks, will be used to assist in the set up of the tower cranes.

All the cranes will only work within the perimeter of the construction site. The tower cranes will be located in what will be the interior of the new building and the jibs won’t be able to reach outside of the property limits.Start of tower crane erection on August 4, 2021.

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