Alert! Haugland, near Eby, soon to be closed for 2 weeks

Starting shortly, only local residents will be able to drive or walk along a portion of Haugland Avenue, just west of the hospital, for close to two weeks as the area is being closed to the public. That’s because PCL will be upgrading the drainage and water systems in the area as part of the new Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project. With the new facility planned to be more than twice the size of the current one, an increase in capacity in these systems is necessary.

The work is being managed similarly to other work on streets in the City of Terrace, with approvals, permits and a traffic management plan. Signage and flaggers will guide traffic and pedestrian flow during the day, while work is underway. While the general public will not be able to access the area, locals who live on the section of road on which the work is taking place, will still be able to get to their residences with the help of the traffic control on site.

PCL’s aim is to complete any work related to the new hospital, outside of the fenced construction site on the Mills Memorial property, as soon as possible. That way all future construction is contained within the site, minimizing local impacts. With Cassie Hall Elementary School just opposite the hospital, PCL waited until school was out for summer, for the sake of student safety and minimizing traffic interference, to complete these necessary upgrades.

The upgrade work on Haugland will include cutting into the street, removing the asphalt, removing fill from underneath, and installing a large storm drain pipe approximately four metres under the surface, then refilling the area and covering it with new asphalt.

A manhole in the centre of the Eby Street and Haugland Avenue intersection will also be created, to connect the new pipe to the city’s storm system, which flows north to south along Eby Street. While this work is taking place, traffic along Eby Street will likely be one-lane only - though exact details of the traffic management plan are under currently under review by the City of Terrace and subject to change.

PCL will also be installing connections to the city’s existing water and sanitary lines on Haugland Avenue.

The exact start date the street work will be posted once PCL has received all necessary approvals from the City. Hours of work will be approximately 7 am to 5:30pm, seven days a week.

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