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  • Highlight: New ambulance garage

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    Patients arriving at the new Mills Memorial Hospital by ambulance can expect a more comfortable and private experience as a result of a new, fully-enclosed, drive-through ambulance garage.

    The new ambulance garage is on the northeast corner of the main floor of the new hospital, near Keith Avenue.

    At the current hospital, ambulances back into the emergency department lot behind the hospital. Patients are then transported out of the back of the ambulance, through the elements, through the main emergency entrance.

    With the new garage, which has two bays, patients will be transferred in a fully-enclosed, temperature-regulated space. Once the ambulance pulls into the garage, the doors will shut to protect patients and staff from the outdoors and weather, which can be extreme at different at times in Terrace. Patients will then be transported directly into the emergency department, far away from the main emergency entrance.

    The new garage was designed to meet industry standards in consultation with BC Emergency Health Services, which oversees the BC Ambulance Service.

    Ambulance parking area, behind the hospital next to the Emergency Department, at the current hospital.

    View of ambulance entrance from inside current Mills Memorial Hospital.

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