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  • Local worker profile: Kelly Lufkin

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    While numbers fluctuate regularly, approximately 60% of the workers currently on the Mills Memorial Hospital construction site are from the region. In addition, more than 20 local businesses have been contracted for a variety of services throughout the past five months of construction.

    Kelly Lufkin, PCL Administrative Assistant and Document Controller

    Kelly Lufkin has lived in Terrace on and off for 27 years, settling here permanently in 2004 to raise her two children, Tyler and Olivia, with her spouse Raegen.

    “We enjoy spending time in our yard, exploring all the hidden gems Terrace has, family game nights, watching movies, travelling, and spending time with our friends and family,” Kelly said.

    Kelly started working for PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. (PCL) as the Administrative Assistant/Document Controller for the Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement Project on September 1.

    Kelly was a stay-at-home mom for about 10 years. She graduated from college at age 35, then eased back into work at her kids’ school as a Special Education Assistant. She then worked at Mills Memorial Hospital in a couple different positions, first, booking surgeries and later on, working in the diagnostics department.

    “I applied at PCL because I felt like the position suited me and would work well for my home life,” Kelly said.

    In her new position, Kelly supports PCL’s project management team.

    “The company and people have been instantly welcoming,” Kelly said. “I think the project is coming along great. It’s exciting to watch the progression and be part of it. I have no experience in construction, so it’s been a great learning experience. I was surprised how quickly things move.”

    In addition to general administrative tasks, Kelly maintains PCL’s project documents, ensuring they are accurate and distributed appropriately.

    “I like that the job changes. And it’s exciting to see the progress of the hospital being built,” Kelly said. “I’m extremely happy for our community. This is something we’ve needed for a long time.”

  • Interested in work and/or contract opportunities?

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    Many residents and businesses have been asking about employment and contract opportunities related to the Mills Memorial Hospital project. PCL Westcoast Constructors Inc (PCL) is responsible for all employment and contracting related to the construction of the new hospital.


    Anyone interested in working on the project can submit a resume to PCL through

    PCL, through their subcontractors has, and will continue to, advertise employment opportunities on and in various platforms such as Linkedin, Kijiji, and regional newspapers.

    The project is dedicated to employing as many locals as possible and has already hired a number of local equipment operators, tradesmen and labourers. They have also been reaching out to local and regional First Nations, to meet with employment and training departments, as well as the trades department at the college.


    Since before construction began, PCL has been reaching out to local and regional companies to explore the possibility of working together.

    Throughout the project, PCL will share contract opportunities as they come up - for example, by advertising in the regional newspaper, or contacting potential local and regional suppliers directly.

    Businesses interested in working on the Mills Memorial Project site are encouraged to contact PCL with information about services they could offer. Email PCL at

    Still not sure what to do?

    Email and we’ll put you in the right direction.

  • 900 construction jobs expected; locals already working

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    A number of local workers and businesses are benefitting from the Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement Project – and the project has only just begun.

    With construction activity on site for little more than a month, more than 15 local businesses have already been contracted for a variety of jobs. Local suppliers and contractors are doing work such as environmental monitoring, trucking, cleaning and watering neighbourhood streets, surveying, waste removal, fuel and septic services, and more.

    Subcontractors working for PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc., the company designing and building the new Mills Memorial Hospital and Seven Sisters facility in Terrace, have also hired local carpenters, labourers, and apprentices to work on site – with more opportunities to come.

    Although a project of this size will require a significant out-of-town workforce, the PCL is dedicated to filling as many positions as possible with people from the local community and region.

    In addition to advertising in local newspapers and online, company representatives have been reaching out to, and meeting with, local and regional labour organizations, including the employment and training departments of First Nations and the trades department of Coast Mountain College.

    Throughout the life span of the project, PCL estimates 900 jobs will be created with up to 350 workers on site at a time.

    In addition to the jobs created on the site, approximately 40 more will be created to support the out-of-town workers at a workcamp on the outskirts of town.