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  • Highlight: New ambulance garage

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    Patients arriving at the new Mills Memorial Hospital by ambulance can expect a more comfortable and private experience as a result of a new, fully-enclosed, drive-through ambulance garage.

    The new ambulance garage is on the northeast corner of the main floor of the new hospital, near Keith Avenue.

    At the current hospital, ambulances back into the emergency department lot behind the hospital. Patients are then transported out of the back of the ambulance, through the elements, through the main emergency entrance.

    With the new garage, which has two bays, patients will be transferred in a fully-enclosed, temperature-regulated space. Once the ambulance pulls into the garage, the doors will shut to protect patients and staff from the outdoors and weather, which can be extreme at different at times in Terrace. Patients will then be transported directly into the emergency department, far away from the main emergency entrance.

    The new garage was designed to meet industry standards in consultation with BC Emergency Health Services, which oversees the BC Ambulance Service.

    Ambulance parking area, behind the hospital next to the Emergency Department, at the current hospital.

    View of ambulance entrance from inside current Mills Memorial Hospital.

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  • Project timeline

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  • FAQ: What spaces will be available for families to visit and gather?

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    The new facility has been designed with all types of patients and visitors in mind, including patients with large extended families, and patients with no family.

    All rooms in the new hospital will be private and allow families to gather comfortably and privately. Each room has its own bathroom and window, as well as visitor seating.

    Several other spaces have also been placed throughout the facility. For example, family rooms, quiet rooms, and the TV lounge. This lets patients have places to go with their visitors other than their room. It also allows patients who may get lonely to have places to go and be around others.

    The spiritual space on the first floor is also available for families to gather. The space has a large gathering room, as well as a small gathering room, a storage area, and a kitchenette. It also has technology in the larger room so that family members can join those in the room virtually.

    Outside, several gardens with seating are also planned throughout the site.

  • FAQ: What detox services will be available at the new hospital?

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    We understand people are looking for support when it comes to problematic substance use in the area, and Terrace does not currently have a dedicated treatment centre. However, this is not part of the MMH replacement project.

    Hospitals mainly focus on acute care, which is care for short-term needs. A treatment centre does not fit into this environment.

    Northern Health, however, and many other organizations including non-profits and community groups, do play a part in supporting those with substance use and mental health issues in Terrace and surrounding communities. Some groups, with Northern Health’s support, are taking steps to set up a local treatment centre.

    At Mills Memorial Hospital, two in-patient treatment beds are prioritized for the medical management of withdrawal from alcohol. Two beds will be prioritized for this in the new hospital too. Patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms or who have overdosed can also access acute care at the Mills Memorial Hospital – now and at the new one.

    If any patients who receive care at the hospital request information and access to harm reduction and treatment programs, staff will provide them with information and support individuals to access services.

    People who are experiencing problematic substance use may also have concurrent mental health disorders. In some circumstances, if a person requires further stabilization and support for the treatment of an acute mental health presentation, following medical stabilization, admission to the acute psychiatry unit in Mills Memorial Hospital may be necessary for further assessment, consultation, and treatment.

    Currently the hospital has 10 acute psychiatric inpatient adult beds that serve Northwest BC. The new hospital will have 20 psychiatric inpatient adult beds.

    The current Seven Sisters facility has 20 beds. The new Seven Sisters will have 25 beds.

    Recovery is a very personal journey and can look different for each person. A variety of supports and services are available in the area to support people experiencing problematic substance use. Northern Health teams focus on supporting people wherever they are at in their wellness journey.

  • FAQ: How big will the new hospital be?

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    The new Mills Memorial Hospital will be more than double the size of the current facility – approximately 356,500 square feet across five floors! Patients and visitors will mainly access floors 1, 2 and 3.

    Here's a breakdown of all five floors:

    • Level 0 (Basement) – Support floor
      • Houses facilities and maintenance department, food services, support services, biomedical engineering, data center, the warehouse, and the morgue

    • Level 1 (Ground/Main floor) – Medical floor
      • Houses main lobby, emergency department, ambulatory care clinic, cancer care, renal care, laboratory services, diagnostic imaging, intensive care unit, and pharmacy.

    • Level 2 – Medical floor
      • Houses surgical services, staff facilities, education hub, administration, health information management services, and psychiatry.

    • Level 3 – Medical/Surgical floor
      • Houses two medical/surgical units, rehabilitation, allied health, and maternity and labour delivery.

    • Level 4 – Support floor
      • Houses mechanical systems, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems.

    The number of beds at the hospital are also increasing from 44 to 78, while Treatment spaces in the emergency department are increasing from 10 to 20, and beds in the new Seven Sisters facility are increasing from 20 to 25.

    Check out the layout for the first four floors. (Level 5 mainly houses mechanical equipment therefore a layout is not provided.)

  • What We Heard: your feedback & questions answered

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    In the fall of 2021 the Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project released draft designs of the new hospital and Seven Sisters facilities currently under construction in Terrace, BC. We asked for your thoughts and if you had any questions.

    It’s time to share what we heard and answer some of the questions we received.

    Check out the MMH What We Heard: Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement Project Feedback and Questions booklet.

    Hint! You gave us feedback and insightful questions on all kinds of topics – including whether the new hospital will have a café, a bigger emergency department, bike racks, regional art, lights that kills bacteria and viruses, and much more.

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to review the designs. Your feedback will help the new Mills Memorial Hospital do the best possible job of serving the people of Northwest BC.

    The new hospital will offer a smoother, safer and more welcoming patient journey, as well as support the recruitment and retention of much-needed health care workers.

  • One word: how you want to feel at the new hospital

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  • We heard you: Exterior of new hospital has an updated look

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    The exterior design of the new Mills Memorial Hospital has been updated with a more neutral look that blends into Terrace’s mountainous landscape. The new colours will also better accentuate landscaping features.

    We released the original draft exterior design in the fall of 2021 and received significant feedback.

    In the new design, white and grey panels have replaced many orange panels in the original design. The top floor is also much lighter.

    The footprint of the building, which is based on the design of the services and amenities inside, remains the same. We’ve also kept the wood aesthetic and accent features for the main floor and entrances.

    Updated exterior design

    Initial exterior design - released in 2021

  • What will we do with your questions and comments?

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    3-D model on display at Skeena Mall and hospital

    Your input is important

    Thank you to everyone who has viewed the draft designs and displays. We've had some great comments and questions come in - written on the feedback boards at the displays, and here, on Let's Talk.

    Responses are forthcoming

    Please be patient as we sort through all the great feedback we've received. We need some time to process all the information we've received.

    Draft Designs on display

    Until Thursday, September 23, draft designs - including a 3-D model - are on display at the Skeena Mall in Terrace, and in the basement of the Mills Memorial Hospital, near the cafeteria for a few more days. For anyone who can't make it see the display, draft designs are also online here, on Let's Talk.

  • Landscaping plan and plant list

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    Check out the landscaping plans for the project!

    The designer has included greenery throughout the site including a spiritual garden, a staff garden and a garden at the main entry. A variety of factors were considered in the design and choice of plants such as safety, climate, local significance and long-term maintenance and durability. As much as possible, the designer included native plants.

    Click on the images to below to download PDFs of the landscape plan and plant list.