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  • What will we do with your questions and comments?

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    3-D model on display at Skeena Mall and hospital

    Your input is important

    Thank you to everyone who has viewed the draft designs and displays. We've had some great comments and questions come in - written on the feedback boards at the displays, and here, on Let's Talk.

    Responses are forthcoming

    Please be patient as we sort through all the great feedback we've received. We need some time to process all the information we've received.

    Draft Designs on display

    Until Thursday, September 23, draft designs - including a 3-D model - are on display at the Skeena Mall in Terrace, and in the basement of the Mills Memorial Hospital, near the cafeteria for a few more days. For anyone who can't make it see the display, draft designs are also online here, on Let's Talk.

  • Draft designs on display at Skeena Mall & MMH

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    From September13 to 23.

    At Skeena Mall in Terrace.

    And in MMH hospital, in basement, near the cafeteria.

    Check them out!

  • Draft designs now Let's Talk

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    Check out the draft design plans for the new Mills Memorial Hospital and Seven Sisters facilities.
    Scroll down to view images or download a pdf of the all the draft designs.

    We want to hear from you!
    Any questions? Any thoughts?
    Register for the Let's Talk Northern Health site and give us your input on the Mills Memorial Replacement Project - right here, right now.

    Note that design is ongoing. All plans are subject to change.

    Mills Memorial Hospital - Exterior

    Mills Memorial Hospital - Main Lobby

    Mills Memorial Hospital - Spiritual Space

    Mills Memorial Hospital - Floor Layouts

    Seven Sisters - Exterior & Interior

    Site Plan with Landscaping

    Alternate Exterior Site Views

  • Fly through videos of new hospital site

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    Check out some animated fly through videos of draft plans for the new hospital site!

    Low fly through video

    High fly through video

  • Sneak peak at draft site plan

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    The draft Mills Memorial Hospital site plan is now available!

    Some highlights:

    • Hospital will be located on the north end of the current site, near the Sande Overpass
    • New location of Seven Sisters facility will be on the southwest end, near Haugland Avenue
    • Main entrance of the hospital, as well as the emergency entrance, face Tetrault Street
    • Approximately 300 parking spots will at the new site
    • Landscaping plans include several gardens

    Information about the project, including this draft site layout is now posted on a bulletin board in the hallway near the front entrance of the hospital. Information on the board will be updated throughout the project.

    In addition, a more in-depth display is being planned for in the community and at the hospital. Community members will have the chance to review designs, ask questions, and give feedback. Stay tuned! Dates to be announced soon.

    Please note, design is ongoing and all plans are subject to change.

    Download the draft site plan here.

  • Working groups created to give input

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    The Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project is moving towards the final stages of procurement. Northern Health is in late-stage negotiations with a potential proponent to enter into a Design-Build Agreement. Once this agreement in place, the proponent will lead the complete design and construction of the new hospital.

    Design to Date

    The design of the new hospital is ongoing. Over the last year, several rounds of meetings have taken place between the proponent, MMH project team members, and facility user groups. The most recent meetings took place in February 2021 and the next round will be at the end of May.

    In the meetings, physicians and staff advise on essential and standard operational and clinical design elements, and raise concerns and offer suggestions based on best practices. These meetings are essential for the bidder to be able to draft a basic design and move through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process that leads to a final agreement.

    To date, the design of the hospital is approximately 60% complete, based on:

    • Best practices
    • Business plan
    • Statement of requirements
    • Services offered
    • Site and location
    • Local population
    • Department workflows and functions
    • Cultural considerations
    • Clinical and operational staff input
    • Indigenous, community and stakeholder input
    • Budget

    Working Groups created for Indigenous & community Input

    Since 2018, a Capital Advisory Committee, made up of local community, stakeholder and Indigenous representatives, has provided guidance in relation to project engagement. We are in the process of forming two working groups to serve under this committee and give input into the project.

    1. MMH Indigenous Advisory Working Group (IAWG)
      The purpose of the MMH Indigenous Advisory Working Group (IAWG) is to have a table for Indigenous input into design aspects of the project. The group, made up of local Indigenous and Métis Nation representatives, will provide input pertaining to considerations unique to Indigenous culture and practices to ensure the new facility is culturally safe, welcoming, respectful and relevant. The IAWG had its first two meetings at the end of April 2021. (Terms of Reference for the IAWG are available in the Documents section of this site.)

    2. Community Advisory Working Group (CAWG)
      The second working group, the Community Advisory Working Group (CAWG), will include broad community representation and is in development. The purpose of this group will be to provide input into design aspects of the project to ensure the new facility is locally and culturally respectful and relevant.

    Future Engagement

    After a proponent is announced, the MMH project team will initiate more general staff, community and stakeholder engagement. This includes sharing more detailed information, as well as seeking commentary and feedback.

    Register for Let’s Talk Northern Health!

    Due to current restrictions, a lot of our engagement will be virtual. This site Let’s Talk Northern Health is an online platform for sharing project information and gathering ideas and feedback. We invite you to check out the Let’s Talk Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project page.

    Right now, we are asking some questions on the project page. We invite you to register for the site and share your thoughts. Over the course of the project, we will regularly post project updates, images, documents and engagement opportunities related to the project. This site will be where the most current project information is.

    Note! Anyone can go to the Let’s Talk site and Mills project page. But to participate and post on the site, or ask a question, you must register.

    Get in Touch


    Or register and post a comment or question on the Let’s Talk Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project page

  • Final stages of procurement

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    Working towards a Design Build Agreement

    The MMH Replacement project is in the last stage of the procurement process. The procurement process started in May 2019 when the BC Government announced the approval of the business plan for Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project. Since then, we've worked through the following phases of the procurement process.

    1. Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
      • Resulted in only one qualified bidder

    2. Modified Request for Proposals (RFP)
      • Design and financial negotiations happen in parallel
      • Significant oversight from the Province and the Project Board, which consists of senior executives from the Ministry of Health, health authority representatives and other stakeholders.

    3. Project Board Final Approval

    4. Financial Close => Design Build Agreement (We are here!)

    The final proponent will be formally announced and construction will begin when the Request for Proposals process is closed and fulfilled, and a final Design Build Agreement (DBA) is signed.

    Capital Projects Take Time

    A major capital project is a large undertaking that takes a series of planning steps to ensure the facility is:

    • designed appropriately;
    • tendered and constructed for the best value;
    • scheduled properly to ensure the continuity of health care at the existing hospital is maintained during the construction period.

    Hospitals are highly complex facilities with many interconnected systems, services and equipment. It’s in our best interest to work through the project thoroughly to ensure that we get the facility we need, in accordance with the financial scope the government has set.

  • Aerial view of proposed plans

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    Wondering where the new Mills Memorial hospital and the new Seven Sisters facility will be located?

    Both new facilities will be built on the same piece of land as the current hospital. The new hospital will be between the current hospital and the Sande Overpass, the majority of which is now a wooded area. The new Seven Sisters facility will be built just to the west of the hospital, close to Haugland Avenue. Currently, this is parking in front of the current facility's psychiatric unit.

  • New Mills will not have a helipad

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    Northern Health had a third party lead a process to review the development of a helipad as part of the Mills Memorial Hospital replacement project. The report concludes:

    • The airport is the optimal location for fixed and rotary wing emergency transportation
    • The current project is prohibitive for the development of a ground level helipad at this time
    • The risks associated with helicopters incidents at a healthcare facility helipad when compared to the short travel distance from the airport to the helipad are significant

    In addition, fixed-wing transport is a mainstay through the BC Ambulance system and requires an airport from which patients may be directly transferred. Ground ambulance is still required for patient transport no matter the location of the helipad.

    The full reports can be seen below: