MMH & Seven Sisters Update

The design of the Mills Memorial Hospital (MMH) Replacement Project began 14 years ago and is a complex project with many factors and timelines to be considered, including the future of the current seven sisters building. The project continues the construction and is on time and on budget.

Throughout this planning process, many different options were considered for the new Mills Memorial Hospital and Seven Sisters, and based on numerous factors, such as site location, the state of the building, and changes in standards in the mental health services field. The current plan, which includes the construction of a new Seven Sisters and the demolition of the existing one, was determined to be the best option to meet the needs of Terrace and the surrounding region.

The new facilities are being built on the same property as the current facilities, and operations at the current facilities must continue uninterrupted during the project. Because of this, construction activities need to happen at specific times to allow other parts of the project to proceed. This includes the construction of the new Seven Sisters building and the demolition of the existing Seven Sisters building.

Reusing or relocating the existing Seven Sisters is not an option. The existing Seven Sisters building was assembled on site and is not modular. This means it would need to be dismantled and reassembled at a new site to be repurposed. A move like this significantly compromises the integrity of a building and would be cost prohibitive. Reusing or repurposing the existing building and keeping it in place is also not an option. The existing Seven Sisters will be too close to the main and emergency room entrances and ambulance bay which would create traffic flow and safety issues, especially in the unlikely event of a mass casualty or building evacuation scenario.

There would also be substantial and costly renovations needed to make the existing Seven Sisters functional for a new user group. For example, the current Seven Sisters does not have separate suites with private washrooms or the needed common spaces to make it suitable for most uses.

We appreciate the community’s interest in and efforts to advocate for important resources and services such as more seniors supports and childcare in Terrace and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, reusing the current Seven Sisters is not an option, even if it were relocated.

The scope, schedule and design of the MMH Replacement project are under contract to PCL Constructors Westcoast. Opening the contract to change the design, delay the demolition, or move or disassemble the existing Seven Sisters would come with substantial cost and could delay the opening of the new Mills Memorial Hospital.

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