February 2023 - Quarterly Project Update

Download a pdf of the February 2023 Quarterly Project Update.


Celebrating exciting construction milestones

  • Pictured here is one of two medical surgical inpatient units framed in on Level 3 of the new hospital. You are looking down a hallway flanked by single patient rooms.Construction of new hospital has surpassed 50% completion. Project is on schedule, on budget and continues to pass regular inspections with no issues.
  • All Level 1 and the majority of Level 2 & 3 exterior panels are installed.
  • A total 194 multi trade racks (MTR’s) have been installed inside the new hospital. MTRs are structural steel frames located in the ceiling space above the drywall. They hide and protect and allow for the flow of mechanisms such as gas lines, and mechanical and electrical wires, throughout the facility. The MTRs were designed and fabricated off site to decrease the chance of defects and save time and money.
  • The structural steel framing and exterior walls for the ‘penthouse’ (Level 5) are complete. Level 5 is where the majority of the new hospital’s mechanical and electrical components are located, such as the heating and cooling system.
  • Discussions and negotiations regarding equipment and furniture suppliers continue. Equipment continues to be delivered and installed throughout the building.
  • On Level 0 (the basement), framing, and the installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing lines, as well as pre-painting is happening in the following areas:
    • biomedical
    • facilities and maintenance
    • food services
  1. On Level 1 (the main floor), drywalling and taping for the following areas continues:
    1. lab services
    2. renal services
    3. cancer care
    4. intensive care unit (ICU)

New Seven Sisters taking shape

A worker installs the last of the new Seven Sisters roof frames with the help of a crane on February 13, 2023.Drive along Haugland Avenue and you can see for yourself that the new Seven Sisters is taking shape quickly. With construction of the new facility expected to be complete by the end of 2023, all the foundation walls and roof frames are being installed.

The new Seven Sisters is being built on the southwest corner of the Mills Memorial Hospital site, to the left of the current hospital’s main entrance. The new facility, which is part of the Mills Memorial Hospital project, will have 25 beds – an increase from the current 20.

Seven Sisters is a regional mental health facility that provides long-term rehabilitation and recovery programs for adults living with serious and persistent mental illness.

At almost double the size of the current facility on Tetrault Street, and with new amenities, including a multi-sensory room, the new Seven Sisters will greatly benefit those who live and work there.

Stay tuned! We will release plans and renderings of the new Seven Sisters soon!

Planning for inclusivity, cultural safety, comfort and more

The project’s Indigenous and Community Advisory Working Groups (IAWG & CAWG) met in early 2023. Members continue to provide valuable feedback on how to ensure the new hospital is welcoming, inclusive, locally relevant, and culturally safe.

The most recent discussion included a variety of topics such as landscaping, naming, art and artifacts, increased patient support, the inclusion of various languages throughout the new facility including Sm’algyax, and many other topics.

Input from the CAWG and IAWG is filtered upwards to the MMH Project Steering Committee who, in collaboration with the Project Board, balances the complexities of a capital building project with the needs and wants of the local and regional communities and residents.


Recruiting and retaining staff

Last year, Northern Health created a new position, a Recruitment and Retention Ambassador for Northwest BC, to assist with staff recruitment and retention initiatives for facilities throughout the region. Brad Leier was hired into the position in November 2022 and a big part of his role is focused on recruitment for the new facilities planned for Terrace: the new Mills Memorial Hospital and Seven Sisters.

The recruitment aspect of Brad’s role is centered around building recruitment capacity in the Northwest through establishing and maintaining partnerships with community partners including the local schools and school districts, Indigenous employment and training offices, community service groups, WorkBC centres, and post-secondary institutions. Brad’s day-to-day work includes conducting school visits, recruitment presentations, helping prospective staff navigate the application process, participating in career fairs, as well as working with career and employment councillors to increase their awareness of the many careers available with Northern Health.

Brad Leier, NH’s new NW Recruitment and Retention Ambassador, lives in Terrace on a farm with his wife Dena and their two kids Jackson and Melanie. The other aspect of Brad’s role – retention – sees him supporting initiatives aimed at creating the best work environments possible across the Northwest.

Brad lives in Terrace with his wife Dena and their two children, Jackson and Melanie. Moving from Alberta 12 years ago, he now calls BC home. Brad has over a decade of experience in healthcare and has worked in a variety of positions within both the health and post-secondary sectors. When he’s not working, you will find Brad on his small farm – Graham Acres Homestead – where he and his wife are in the process of launching a creamery, thanks to their growing herd of dairy goats.

Preparing for the big moves and future operations

The new Seven Sisters is set to open less than a year from now, and the new hospital should be in operations in 2025, in little more than two years. That may seem like lots of time but there’s a significant amount of work to do to prepare to move into and operate both new facilities.

In her new role as Transition Coordinator, Anne Chisholm is tasked with coordinating and supporting staff, physicians, and managers, to become ready to provide care, services and supports in the new hospital and Seven Sisters. She will also support community partners and patients in getting to know the new facilities.


Go to letstalk.northernhealth.ca/MMH

A worker installs the last of the new Seven Sisters roof frames with the help of a crane on February 13, 2023.Let’s Talk MMH is our one-stop shop for everything related to the Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement project.

The site has regular project updates, a link to the construction camera and much more. It’s also where you can provide feedback and ask questions about the project.

Check out our two construction cameras

Check out what the construction site looks like in real time on our two construction cameras. One camera is aimed at the new Mills Memorial Hospital and the other shows the new Seven Sisters site.

The link to the cameras is on Let’s Talk MMH. You can download photos, videos an do all kinds of other cool stuff.

Email us at letstalkMMH@northernhealth.ca

Send us an email if you’ve got questions or feedback, or if want to receive email updates like this.

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